Types of Sports Betting


Whether you’re betting on a football game or horse racing, it’s important to understand how different wagers work. When you’re new to betting, it’s crucial to learn the difference between true chances and implied probabilities. Generally, a bet with better odds than a one-in-two chance is a good bet.

The most common type of wager in American sports betting is the total bet. This is a wager on the total score between two teams. When a bet is placed on a total bet, the odds change according to how many points the bookmaker thinks will be scored. A bettor who thinks the total will be higher than the bookmaker’s total is an over bettor. Similarly, a bettor who thinks the total will fall below the bookmaker’s total is an under bettor. In some instances, a bettor can also bet on the number of points scored or the number of goals scored.

Another common type of wager is the “exacta,” which is a bet on the first three finishers in a certain order. There are also “trifecta” and “superfecta” bets, which are bets on the first four finishers in a specific order. These bets are not always possible to win. In some situations, a tie may be awarded, which is a situation in which a player’s total score equals the bookmaker’s total score.

Other types of wagers include player props, which allow the bettor to bet on a player’s likelihood of scoring the first touchdown in a football game. They also allow the bettor to bet on the number of yards a player will gain in a football game. Player props also carry lower limits than other types of bets.

Another type of wager is a teaser, which is a football wager in which the bettor selects points to be scored in the game. Unlike a teaser, a parlay is a wager in which a bettors wins if all of the bets in the parlay win. Parlays have more payout than a straight bet, but the bettor must win all of the bets in the parlay to win. Parlay bets include as many bets as the bookmaker allows. A parlay is a difficult wager to hit, because it requires the bettor to win all of the bets in order to win.

Another type of wager is the money line. This type of bet does not have a spread, which is a margin of points that the bookmaker thinks the favored team will win the game. Money lines are generally offered at 11 to 10 odds. A bettor who thinks the underdog will win can increase the payout of a parlay by laying the points.

A parlay is a series of bets, usually involving two or more teams. The bettor must pick the winner of each of the bets to win. The odds of a parlay are often much better than a single wager, which is why they’re so popular. However, they are often very difficult to hit.